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VW at it again

On Tue, Jul 31, 2018, 5:37 PM <alerts@vwcustomerexperience.com> wrote:

Hallmark Volkswagen, Inc.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey. I am very sorry for you experience. My advisor is correct, Volkswagen does consider you ‘ alternator” a ” generator”. I am sorry that the generator we get from Volkswagen requires a new pulley. Of course this being a factory part with a nationwide warranty is going to be more expensive then a after market parts. I do hope you are feeling better after your hospital stay. If you have any questions, please let me know. Eric Gaskins

Hallmark Volkswagen, Inc.

2431 Gallatin Road No.
Madison TN 37115

I have a degree in electronics engineering.
I’m not unfamiliar with the concept of generators and alternators, their difference, and how they apply to vehicle running.
Granting that your receptionist may not be quite as informed as myself in regards to these matters, and language terminology between a German company and an American one. I asked very specific questions to make sure that we were on the same page. What was told to me was that not that Volkswagen referred to alternators as generators, what was told to me was that the vehicle had one of each. To my incrudelity. If you record these conversations I’m sure you can hear it in my voice, I believe I even asked if someone could point out under the hood where the generator was in relation to the alternator. I was told the tech would have to do that. I’m afraid this experience has completely soured me to the competency of your dept/ dealership. I understand that factory parts are more expensive. It’s a given.
I had my own people look at it. The only thing wrong with it besides the “alternator” being bad was the battery, a fusable link, and spark plugs that YOUR company doesnt disseminate to 3rd party markets that will not work with your vehicles. A simple database push to places like AutoZone. I put them in myself, and were brand new. My mechanic said it was because Volkswagen can’t use autolite Sparks. A fusable link that likely was the fault of the tow truck driver hooking it up backwards. The difference being in the neighborhood of $800 in cost to completely repair the car as far the engine.
Secondly, I was subjected to intimidation by the dept.
That car has a SAFETY recall that you must BY law! Repair to my satisfaction. Regardless if I spend a dollar in your dealership. To which I was told couldn’t be fixed until that cost was completed, as far as I can tell of the implication.
I’ve wanted a Jetta since I was 16 years old. I passed on several other, cheaper, cars when I purchased that one used at the Hyundai dealership. I could have purchased a BRAND NEW Elantra. But I didn’t. I fell in love with the style of the vehicle and told them immediatly this is what I want, and still to this day defend my choice to purchase regardless of friends and family who told me Volkswagens were a $ pit and shouldn’t get it. But I understood the correlation between past mistakes, and Audi’s Influence. And I’m not just in the hospital. I have leukemia, a rare form that leaves me with around a 30% chance to live. Confining me to Nashville for several months and Leaving my wife terrified that she wouldn’t be able to come see me. I AM NOT satisfied.
And as you may have surmised letter writing is also one of my talents. I do plan on copying this exchange. Sharing it to the 5 social media sites where my writing is being read my hundreds if not thousands of my followers. As well as the offices in Chattanooga, and the parent company in Germany or wherever it happens to be located.
If I was the PR department of the company, I would be seriously considering the cost of this further damage to your reputation over the last 5 years and being giving serious thought to have one sitting in my driveway with a ribbon on it. Of course I’m not a multi-national company making $ hand over fist….

Your secret sullied heart

Which ones earnestly in secret heart accolades give to the maker of cancer
That take this dancer, that prancer whole heart romancer to the crosser
River master

Hearts yet to master the bastard ego’s faster magic caster

Hide remains like plaster revealed empty to the smasher

That joyous romancer prancing dancer

Instead praises to the hearts ticket casher, that lasher


Hides their empty muscular Cannisters.

Say no to Diane Black

Diane Black you are a horrible, horrible person.

The transparency of you and your horrible husband so actively working against legislation that would help thousands of Tennesseans suffering in the state that feel medical marijuana is the safest form of anti-anxiety, anti-nauseau, natural pain killing substance for them is a travesty.
We know .
We know you sit in your mansion collecting your Judas coin off of testing people for drugs, while killing bills on the floor, that would help people with cancer like me.
I’m 41 years old, diagnosed with ALL, sitting here dying in the hospital with no relief because the anxiety pills that Bible thumping hypocrites such as yourself make me feel suicidal, can’t evacuate my bowel because of a birth defect that is normally relieved by the natural muscle relaxers found in marijuana. SUFFERING Mrs. Black! SUFFERING! UNDER JESUSES EYE. While you make excuses about gateways. Regardless of the mountain of evidence to the contrary that suggests that if anything marijuana reduces dependency on opioids.
We know.
We know you and yours kill these bills not because it’s what is best for Tennessee.
But because it effects the bottom line of your damn Prada purses and donors pockets.
YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO REPRESENT TENNESSEE YOU YANKEE. Come here to Centennial hospital in look at me in my face, the faces of my young children, and tell them their father is a bad person due to the fact that it’s his atonomous choice to choose a substance placed on Earth by Jesus himself to help people like me.
You do not represent my choice, nor the choice of hundreds of thousands of other Tennesseans.
You represent the devil. The devil in the guise of religious indignation while you collect your Judas coin for betraying your own people.
I call on you to resign, to remove yourself, to vacate plans to run our State. Move aside for others who DO have the hearts and minds of Tennessee in their soul.
You do not.
All that is in your heart is profit.
Profit from my pain.
You are the worst kind of Christian.
You sit in your pew paying lip service.
We see you for the demon you are.
You know we dont agree with you. What is your answer? To criminalize the people’s right to protest.
We know you for what you are.
You claim right to life, yet I doubt you’ve seen the babies in dumpsters and drug addicted mother’s who go to score leaving newborns with no protections against vermin, villiany, malnutrition, and abuse.
Proven over and over again the good works immigrants do for the state.
It’s time to stop pretending that you care. You don’t.
Judas Woman.
You and your family run medical testing facilities. I’m sure take insurance, and yet instead of acknowledgement about how ACA could be amended to reflect the concept of group rates. Bargaining between underwriters, and such. You and your ilk scare the under educated citizens of Tennessee into not signing up, the mass induction that would cause profits for those same underwriters to realize in bulk sales, thereby allowing them to lower rates, and make insurance even more affordable to all Tennessee.
Your faith is a lie.
You speak out about welfare reform from your mansion, without ever having to suffer the indignation of needing support, regardless of the evidence of the low numbers of actual abusers.
We are a State of beauty, of agriculture potential unrealized in many parts of the country. Yet you continually kill bills that would allow Tennessee farmers to grow hemp and marijuana, plants that even a CURSORY research into the history of our race and life on this planet would show provide so much AS GOD intended. Food, fuel, paper, medicine, clothing, all so you and yours can keep your Judas coin rolling into the family business of criminalizing hard working Tennesseans bwho don’t agree with your assessment of the situation.
You are backwards Ma’am
You are not right for us.
I call on you to resign from politics,
I call on all Tennesseans to reject you and your falseness.

Gun oil

Hello. The Soup here. Whipped up a little something to remind everyone that, yes, I still remember how to have fun, be silly, and slightly to moderately deranged.

For all my hunter friends out there.

Ran into my uncle the other day. Turns out he’s looking for a place to stay. He and my aunt separated. He says she hasn’t been fulfilling her wifely duties. Personally, I don’t think 9 months is long enough to end a marriage over, but he’s a grown man, life and time will teach him whether it was a mistake or not. Really it’s his own fault. That should be a consideration.

The hunting. He’s one of those guys. You know, open his closet, it’s work clothes on one side and Mossy Oak on the other.

Trophies all over the walls. Guns and ammo scattered all about.

When asked, my uncle will state “It’s ok because the ammo nearest a gun, doesnt go to that gun.”

He always cackles with a glint in his eye at this. Like some scenario has run through his head in which an intruder tries to kill him with one of his own weapons, and can’t figure out why the clip won’t go in, while my uncle is drawing a bead on him with something that would kill a dinosaur.


So, if you know anything about hunting, you know about baiting, and licks, and the newest thing, trail cameras.

My aunt said she was going shopping, so he decides to go out to “the property” to scout the area looking for sign. Mating season, muttering something about keeping the stock fresh.

Apparently, he got home a little before her and decided to rub one out, because she found him in the recliner, Michelob in one hand, his 🍆 in the other.

They’d had problems with it before so, all pissed off she presses play on the remote while he’s there drooling, and it’s footage from his trail camera. Two deer just going at it.

She screams, drops the remote.

My uncle startles awake, comes to his feet, penis hanging out of his camo.

No, he doesn’t drop his beer.

Long story shorter than it could be, she’s been so confused about, well not necessarily what she saw, but why he would feel the need to … You can figure the rest out, and so she hasn’t been comfortable in the bedroom.

So his fault.

To hear him tell it, you can, almost understand, in some weird drunk redneck hunter given new technology way, almost.

Soup, I don’t know what came over me. That Michelob wasn’t the first I’d had that day. I sit down to watch my trail camera, and I see these two deer going at it.

It wasn’t the first time I seen these two deer.

These darned trail cameras are amazing. It’s been like binge watching on Netflix. You got Netflix?

Anyway, I seen this doe leaving scent, bucks grappling with each other over her, and then this, and I don’t know, it was like a cross between that there Riverdale and Buck Master, and I was drunk, and I hope to Christ she don’t tell nobody. You won’t tell no one will you?

“Oh, no. Who the hell would I tell a story like that to?” 😉

“You know anyone with a good place to rent?”

Deep breath.

“I’ll ask around.”

What did I learn from this? I’m never asking him borrow gun oil again.

Ode to the ROWM

Oh rich old white man

A warning you did receive

Own unto you

That you did not perceive

Score of years less

Several more

Did we reach the status

Of The Status

An update, no less

A twitter with Twitter

Instant grams

Of what I’m not sure

I think they meant instatele

But it probably means diarrhea in New Delhi


You don’t understand

Rich old white man

That because you get laughs

When hanging with the band

Doesnt mean things

Won’t get out of hand

When you tweetrant

About queers, blacks, and, um , Kazakhstan

Whew (wipes brow)

Be prepared to own

What you condone

We are watching

Alone with our Cheetos

Hanes and Ikea, crunching

Dusting off to go voting

“Assholes”, though muttering

Will still send you puttering.


The end


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